Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the dock have to come out of the water in the winter?

A. Most of our wooden floating docks stay in year round as they can freeze in the ice. If there is exposure to moving ice the dock may have to be removed or towed to a protected bay. All aluminum docks must be removed for the winter. You can winterize the dock yourself; have a look at our Winterizing Tips Page.


Q. What type of flotation is used?

A. TechStar All Purpose floats. Roto-moulded polyethylene shell, filled with closed cell expanded polystyrene, U.V. stabilized, environmentally friendly, resistant to petroleum & aquatic wildlife.


Q. What is used for anchoring?

A. 200 pound concrete anchors with 5/16" galvanized chain.


Q. How high is the deck of the dock from the water?

A. 15" freeboard height is our standard. On special request we offer a 12" freeboard height if needed.


Q. How much water does a floating dock draw?

A. 6 inches.


Q. Can I add another dock in the future?

A. Yes, our modular design allows for flexibility and can be easily added to as your budget and needs change.

Q. How long from ordering can I have delivery?

A. Allow about 4 weeks depending on the time of year. Rush orders can sometimes be accommodated.


Q. Do I need a permit?

A. Each township is different. Check with your local conservation authority or the Ministry of Natural Resources. Parks Canada requires a permit for the Trent Severn Lakes System.


Q. Can I see a dock in the water?

A. Yes, please arrange for an appointment (705-243-1635).


Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Yes, Visa and MasterCard, but Interac E-Transfer and personal cheques are preferred.


Q. When do you make deliveries?

A. Deliveries are done every day but we do try and take Sundays off. We can accommodate all of our customer's schedules.


Q. What is your warranty?

A. Click to see The Dock Spot warranty

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